Dock Float Replacement

Eastern Marine Services offers customized dock float replacement and installation services for private residences, marinas and other waterfront establishments.

Using standard and custom made floats, no project is too large or small. Whether you need a small platform for your pond or damaged or missing floats replaced under existing structure, Eastern Marine Services gets it done.

Introducing Accudock standard size and custom molded floatation.

The percent of floatation accomplished by use of Accudock custom floats is significantly greater than standard roto-mold flotation. The AccuDock floats cover 85% of the total footprint with floatation- therefore increasing stability and range of uses. Larger platforms, especially those that require certain specifications such as marinas, etc. can be greatly improved using customized dock floatation.

AccuDock® customizable floatation allows for you to design your own floating dock solution specific to your needs. All AccuDock® floats and materials are USA Made, Virgin high density polyethylene plastic, which completely encapsulates a block of EPS foam. AccuDock® floatation is available in our standard white or black.

Are you building your own floating dock or designing a boat dock or marina and the standard sized black floats just don’t fit your specific project needs, AccuDock® is here to help!

Call us today to see how AccuDock® can assist you in your DIY Floating Dock project!

dock float replacement
dock float replacement

Custom & Standard Size Floats Available

Order for your D.I.Y project or have Eastern Marine Services assist you with a custom design and installation.
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