Shop Staff

Tamsyn LongTamsyn Long – PT Associate
Hi! My name is Tamsyn and I decided to work at KB Diver services because diving is one of my favorite things to do. If you aren’t a diver you should definitely look into it. Scuba diving is an amazing experience where the ocean opens its arms wide and lets you in to explore a new and beautiful world. Once you take those first steps into the water, your problems and troubles just roll away with the waves. I recommend being a diver to all of my friends and family and anyone else who wants to be a real life explorer! You’ll see me around the shop, so be sure to stop in and say hello!

Kim LankfordKim Lankford
Kim joined Eastern Marine Services in 2012. Since joining us as a dive team member she has worked on boat hull cleaning, zinc replacements, search and recovery operations and has also supported our topside detailing program. Kim built her love for diving and the seas creatures as a volunteer at the National Aquarium in Baltimore where she worked closely with the dolphins. She is a true part-time asset to Eastern Marine Services.