Teak Cleaning & Refinishing

TeakAt Amazing Teak we realize you’ve made an investment.  Teak wood is the luxurious wood of high- end boats, high-end home interiors and beautiful indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories.  Keeping your teak wood gorgeous is what we do. It is a challenging, time consuming, multi-step process that requires high-end attention to detail. When it is done right, teak wood is a most beautiful addition to your boat or home.  When you trust us with your teak cleaning and refinishing, you can trust that we’ll take care of you.

The Process

The process to make your teak pop is dependent on many factors. Because of this, we walk every job with every client, come up with a customized plan, review it, put it in writing and execute it to your satisfaction.

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Every teak service is different. Every job we do is custom priced.  We do not offer teak installation, repair or replacement services. You may send us photos of your teak to receive a FREE detailed service quote. Please email photos to info@easternmarineservices.com

What We Do (Services / Processes)

Marine Teak
Cleaning and refinishing of teak wood on the exterior of boats is our specialty

T1 pre - treatment


Land Teak
We also take great pride in completing our side projects such as outdoor teak furniture and other teak wood amenities

  • Cleaning Service – If your teak is grey, if may just be dirty and in need of a thorough, properly done cleaning. Cleaning teak should always be done gently and across the grain. If you like the natural look of teak, a cleaning just might be all you need. Sometimes extremely weathered teak may need multiple cleanings. This is the most cost effective way to bring natural color and beauty back to your teak.
  • Oiling Service – Once your teak is cleaned, depending on it’s age and condition, it may need some level of protection. Oiling teak is the time honored method of sailors across the globe. Teak oil is applied in coats, from as few as three, to as many as twelve. Drying time is recommended between each application to ensure proper coverage.
  • Refinishing Services
  • Stripping Service – This service may be needed when the current surface is painted, varnished etc. Stripping may require one or two processes. When needed, this is done prior to sanding. The number of stripping’s required will affect the final price.
  • Sanding Service – Depending upon the condition of the wood, multiple sanding’s may be required. We will usually start with an 80 grit sandpaper, then go to a 120, 150 and or 180 grit. For extremely fine finishes we will use a 320 grit. The number of sanding’s requested will affect


    the final price.

  • Treatment Service – This is the process by which the teak is given a deep rich color. We recommend and will use SIKKENS CETOL MARINE – Natural Teak treatment. However, if you have some other preference, please let us know. The number of applications requested will affect the final price. Usually two to three applications are recommended.
  • Sealing Service – This process seals the teak to optimize the life of the newly completed process and can be brought to high gloss. We will use SIKKENS Marine Gloss or other similar products. The number of applications requested will affect the final price. Usually a minimum of two applications are recommended.

Completion Of Service

We want your job done right as much as you do. To that end, we don’t promise completion dates on exterior boat work. Our ability to complete your



exterior boat work is dependent on weather and other factors. Interior work and small jobs we can do in our shop will generally be assigned expected completion dates.

About Teak – Why there is no warranty on teak cleaning and refinishing services

We get asked all the time if there is a warranty on our service. The short answer is no. There are several reasons why there are no warranties on teak cleaning and refinishing services. Here is a short list of all the things that impact teak wood and by extension, the durability of treatments.

  • The type of teak (natural or plantation, genuine (Tectona Grandis), Brazailian (Cumaru) or African (Afrormosia)
  • The number of coats applied (oil, cetol,varnish, gloss)
  • The age of the wood and its prior treatments and remaining natural oils
  • Variances in previously used cleaning agents and/or oils
  • Weather – before, during and after treatments (primarily humidity in the region the work is done)
  • Acid rain / Air Pollution (soot) etc. which contaminates (dirties) teak much more quickly in city harbors


  • Direct exposure to the sun (Fading.)
  • The general condition the wood is in at this point in it’s life cycle

In general, freshly cleaned teak can stay freshly cleaned and beautiful so long as it is not exposed to direct sun, rain or air pollution (soot.) To keep it looking great, properly cleaning your teak when it starts to get dirty is recommended. Teak which is freshly oiled with adequate applications can keep it’s rich new color for up to 90 days in most locations. We recommend gently cleaning it every 90 days to keep it bright and re-oiling as needed. We offer routine teak cleaning contracts for this reason. For teak treated with Cetol, other varnishes and glossed, you should expect no more than a year before seeing failures in spots. Spot failures can be addressed with touch up services.

Types of Teak Wood

  • Genuine Teak (Tectona Grandis) comes from Burma and is the most desired. Natural supplies are limited and much of this wood is now farmedon plantations.
  • Brazilian Teak (Cumara) is another wood which is endangered in the wild. It to is farmed on many plantations.
  • African Teak (Afrormosia) is also very common and is farmed on plantations.

teak tableAll three woods have slight variations in coloration and pattern. Often when you see a piece of furniture or wood on a boat, where one piece is a slightly different color or pattern than the others, it is because repair work has been done and a piece or more of the teak has been replaced with a different type of teak wood. In other words, a boat which was originally done with genuine teak, may have replacement pieces made of Brazilian teak.teak boat pic

Often, if all of the teak is weathered, one can not tell there is a difference. When teak is cleaned, oiled or treated, the differences in color and pattern become more noticeable. There is little we can do to change the natural coloration or pattern of a piece of wood once it is cleaned and treated.