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The First 130 Feet

The First 130 Feet: True Stories from the Dive Deck

The perfect bathroom reader in every way. This book features 21 short stories about Ken’s diving adventures and is good for twenty one trips to the head. Upon completion it can be used as a bathroom reader for your guests, as toilet paper, or if you didn’t particularly care for it… it is already in the perfect room to be flushed down the toilet. Just have a plunger handy. To our knowledge it is not bio-degradable.

The Sand Tigers of North Carolina

Join Ken and his band of travelers as they swim with these gentle giants…
but don’t be fooled, the Sand Tiger shark is considered one of the ten most dangerous sharks in the world.

Sand Tiger DVD

The First 130 Feet Companion DVD

This brief video shows you that several of the stories in Ken’s book The First 130 Feet: True Stories from the Dive Deck are actually true!

First 130 Feet DVD

Diving the Graveyard of the Atlantic

Sharks and Shipwrecks. What more can a diver want? This special narrated edition was the first film Ken produced. It is informative and gives a great representation of what North Carolina diving is all about. The first run of this DVD sold out. It is now specially re-released by special order only and is signed by Ken.

Graveyard of the Atlantic

A Journey: San Salvador Island, Bahamas

One of Ken’s favorite places to dive is the tiny island of San Salvador in the Bahamas chain. Clear water, sharks and plunging walls full of color make this a must see for any true diving fan.

San Salvador

Other SOLD OUT Releases available by copy process direct from Eastern Marine Services:

Truk Lagoon
The Sea of Cortez